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  McDonald & Wetle
 Regional Offices:
Seattle Metro Area
phone: 253.589.8999


Portland Metro Area

 About Us

Jim McDonald & Roy Wetle started their commercial roofing company in 1921.  They maintained business through the Great Depression and grew during the construction boom of the World War II era.  They operated out of 915 SE Hawthorne in Portland Oregon.  In 1969 Roy Wetle sold his company to another Roy, Roy Bolt.  Bolt had stumbled into roofing after returning from service in World War II.  He had started ABC Roofing in 1951.  There were 15 employees in all.  Bolt continued growing his family business along with his brother Jim Bolt.  They operated under simple principles of taking care of their employees, and developing long lasting relationships with their customers.  Roy’s brother Jim Bolt spun off General Sheet Metal in 1972, and as McDonald & Wetle grew, Jim spun off ABC Roofing, now in Clackamas Oregon.  By 1994 McDonald & Wetle had out grown its Hawthorne Blvd shop and moved to its current location on NE 194th.  The Southeast Portland location for 73 years is now the iconic Lucky Labrador Pub.  Roy’s son Bob Bolt has grown the company to its size today with 150 employees, 100 trucks, Tankers, Cranes and an in house maintenance facility.  McDonald & Wetle also expanded to the Seattle area to directly serve clients there.  We do work all over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and beyond.